Washington, D.C. – Meant to Impress

Washington, D.C.

Washington, D.C. has always been a delight to my eyes. I’ve always enjoyed the monuments, the buildings, the layout, and the treasures held within the city. I went again recently and since it was not mid-August and 100 degrees, I was actually able to move about more slowly (since I was not in a constant I-need-water state) and truly take in everything.

What happened when I stood upon Capitol Hill in DC? What was my first thought?

“Wow. Washington, D.C. is impressive.”

What was my first though when I entered the Capitol Building, Library of Congress, National Archives, the Smithsonians, and even some of the more modern buildings?

“Wow. The architecture and designs of the buildings in Washington, D.C. are impressive.”

What did I think when I walked down the National Mall and took in the vast landscaping, green grass, and huge monuments? You guessed it! I thought…

“Wow. This is quite impressive.”

Needless to say – I was impressed and that is the point! Now, I don’t mean that’s the only reason we have nice buildings in the US capital, but we’re not going to “skimp” with our structures and architecture in D.C. due to the fact that that is where most foreign leaders and ambassadors will visit.

Most of the structures have been built for quite some time due to previous leaders, legislators, and organizations. When they were built, most of them were built with Federal, Greek, Roman styles of architecture in mind. This is Neoclassical Architecture which you can read more about here.

Being a social studies teacher, I love D.C. for many reasons, but I truly love looking at the designs and architecture of the buildings. Someone out there is going to say but this post is so offensive because it is the US showing off or something like that…I am quite sorry you’re offended and I’m not trying to offend you… but it still does not change the fact that Washington, D.C. ‘s architecture, designs, and buildings are meant to impress you. Many capitals across many nations are impressive – because that is the point!

So here are some pictures to show you, that the buildings and monuments within Washington, D.C. are meant to impress you (visitors or citizens) and leaders from other nations.

Washington, D.C.

Fancy statues, carvings, borders, and stone dot and line nearly every governmental building.

Washington, D.C.

Just look at that building!

Washington, D.C.

Gold-lined features in the partial dome ceiling within one section of the Capitol Building.

Washington, D.C.

Columns, huge buildings, carvings…

Washington, D.C.


Washington, D.C.

Look at that view…and that water…and that GIANT Washington Monument.

Washington, D.C.

The layout of the National Mall and surrounding areas makes the monuments and buildings the feature of the environment.  As I walked around the water, all I could see at every angle were the Washington and Jefferson monuments reflected in the water.


Under construction – but a good example of that Neoclassical Architecture.

Washington, D.C.

Large statues to catch your attention and show off the US’ history.

Washington, D.C.

This ceiling is mosaic!

Washington, D.C.

I think this picture speaks for herself – beautiful!

Washington, D.C.

Those columns, though! The government buildings in Washington, D.C. are downright enormous. Most are shaped like temples or large buildings like Rome and Greece would have had.

Washington, D.C.

I’m standing like four feet off the ground on stairs in this picture and LOOK — I’m still nowhere near where even those huge columns start.

Washington, D.C.

Lincoln and Jefferson are both in temples like the Romans and Greeks would have placed their gods. This is a symbolic gesture to show the power of these men and to commemorate their memories into US hearts  forever.


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So what do you think? Impressed? If you’re not from the US, tell us (or share links, pictures, posts) of what your capitol is like! 🙂

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