Teachers Travel for Free (or cheap)

teachers travel for free

Did you know teachers travel for free during the summer or during the school year with specific grants, programs, memberships, and tours created just for teachers? Sometimes teachers are the leaders of groups of students, sometimes the teachers are the students, and sometimes teachers are using a membership to vacation. Here are a few ways that teachers travel for free (or for cheap).

This is as of June 9, 2016.

Teachers Travel for Free:

International Tours

By being a teacher leader on an international tour, you get to take your students on a journey of a lifetime…and if you use the right companies, you (the teacher) can do it for free! I am all over this and am taking my students to 4 countries in Europe next summer for free. Not only did they get a steal of a deal (the company I work with REALLY worked hard to make the prices low), but I and the chaperones get to go for free. There are multiple companies out there that function in this way. If you know me personally and want to get more information on the company I use, email me at [email protected] and I’ll get that information to you.

Teachers Travel Web

This is very similar to Educators Travel Network below, but is international. The Teachers Travel Web does not just do room rentals or homestays, but also does home exchanges and house sitting. This is only for teachers and is a tighter knit community than booking through Kayak or Expedia. There is only a membership fee, no booking or accommodation fee. So you pay $20 a year or $29 (as of 2016 – June) for two years and that is all. Sure, you have to pay for gasoline within your country or for a flight to get somewhere internationally, but there are few other sites that allow you to stay for free! This is very neat! This is for current or retired teachers, or people who have taught in the past.

Fulbright Teacher Exchange

There are 2-8 week collaborative projects that are in multiple countries, which are supported by Fulbright Teacher Exchange, and cost absolutely nothing for the teachers who are exchanged. There is an application process for this and this is not vacation. You go to work and better another school, but in your downtime you can explore the country that you are in. You may be asked to help with pedagogy, mathematical approaches/strategies, systems, technology, and anything that is needed at that school for the time. You can look at the current programs to get an idea of what is required – each one has specific goals in mind for the teacher that is applying to the program. This is an all expenses paid program. The teacher pays nothing.

Teachers for Global Classrooms Program

The Teachers for Global Classrooms Program is a rather demanding program that takes a year to complete. The program does send you for a few weeks to a foreign country. Again, this is not a vacation, you are going there to improve education. This program is a program created by the US Department of State’s Buerea of Educational and Cultural Affairs.

Funds for Teachers

Teachers can apply for grants that are for their individual pursuits or find a program to become a part of through Funds for Teachers. The application process is lengthy and you need to watch due dates closely. If you miss a due date, you’ve got to wait until the following year to apply.


Teachers Can Travel for Cheap:

Educators Travel Network

The Educators Travel Network is a network of teachers who do homestays and rent rooms to teachers. All of the people in this program are either currently teaching or have previously taught. Most people in the database are retired teachers and current teachers. The locations of the homes (they’ve got over 6000 members) include places in the US and Canada. Not only can you stay for cheap ($45 and $55 a night), but you get to earn money toward future travel by hosting families in your home. I mean this really is a fantastic way to save money and earn money.

teachers travel for free

Since teachers travel for free through these programs and grants, will you be applying to one or taking advantage of a membership? Teachers travel for free all the time so don’t miss out on your opportunity! Do you have another way or know of another program where teachers travel for free? If so, don’t be afraid to tell us about it below!

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