My Favorite Gymnastics Travel Photos of 2015

Uncrowded Vacation Spots Hunting Island State Park South Carolina gymnastics travel photos

Gymnastics travel photos happen wherever I go. I handstand. I flip in the air. I tumble on the beach. I scale on mountains. I needle kick in caves, and so on. I LOVE traveling and I LOVE gymnastics so, I always take gymnastics travel photos whenever it is not too weird…or even if it is weird. I’m OK with doing handstands in crowds :).

My Favorite Gymnastics Travel Photos of 2015

These are in no particular order. Some of these are from my US – Canada Road Trip. Some of them are from Puerto Rico. Some are from other trips. Enjoy!

-Scale in California, right off of Highway 1. This place was pretty cool. We even saw a starfish!

gymnastics travel photos scale california gymnastics travel photos


-Me in Puerto Rico enjoying the beautiful sunshine and sites. See more of Puerto Rico in this photo guide.


-This scale was at Glacier National Park in Montana. Traveling through the western and midwestern portion of the United States (see link for more photos) is a lot of fun. I enjoy the western portion of the United States so much! It is beautiful!

IMG_6707 gymnastics travel photos


-Vicksburg Battlefield is where this stagged bridge picture was taken. It was part of my US – Canada Road Trip.

IMG_5279 gymnastics travel photos


-This is nothing but me and my mother being goofy. I think this one might be my favorite gymnastics travel photo of the year. My mother is hilarious and her photobomb is priceless!

IMG_5638_2 gymnastics travel photos


-I don’t really enjoy New Orleans that much, but I think its pretty neat. I have a handstand picture on Bourbon Street. By the way, I did not stay on that street for very long…haha

File Jun 02, 11 25 36 PM gymnastics travel photos


-This is White Sands National Monument. My brother is doing who knows what, and I’m ring kicking with flair :). I think you can tell who is the retired gymnast.
File Jun 02, 11 26 08 PM gymnastics travel photos


-Flathead Lake = One of my favorite lakes in the US. That crystal clear water! Oh my goodness! It’s a refuge and a getaway. It’s a lake that is awesome but not crazy congested like most lakes during summer. See more about Montana’s Flathead Lake here.

flathead lake montana gymnastics travel photos


-The Badlands are so unique. I could hardly take my eyes off of the multicolored hills, open green spaces, jagged rocks, colorful formations, wild animals, and blue skies long enough to take this picture.

Handstands Across the World The Badlands National Park - South Dakota gymnastics travel photos
The Badlands National Park – South Dakota


-Oh my goodness, I love this picture so much. I think my choosing this comes not from the fact that it is the coolest or prettiest shot, but honestly because of the story behind the picture. It’s so personal and explains my love of travel. This picture has roots that link all the way back to my life as a third grader. Check out the story behind this Oregon Trail photo here. Of all of my gymnastics travel photos, this one is probably the least pretty, but I feel like who I am is truly defined by this picture.

Monument (Ms B doing a handstand) gymnastics travel photos
Monument (Ms B doing a handstand)


Hunting Island State Park is a wonderful beach and natural area in South Carolina. The wild animals, awesome sea life, old structures, and shark teeth make this location one of my favorites in the state of SC. I like this picture because it is a really cool action shot.

Uncrowded Vacation Spots Hunting Island State Park South Carolina gymnastics travel photos
Flipping on the open beach


-The Old Sheldon Church Ruins are very close to Beaufort, South Carolina. This is one area that is photographed a lot, but is still worth a visit. This church has a ton of history and is near multiple historic towns and locations.

Sheldon Ruins South Carolina gymnastics travel photos


Seriously, these Gila Cliff Dwellings are a must see! They were part of my US – Canada Road Trip. LOVED THIS PLACE. IT IS SO COOL!  That ring kick is pretty cool, too 😉

Gila Dwellings New Mexico gymnastics travel photos
Gila Dwellings New Mexico


Another awesome stop on the US- Canada Road Trip of 2015… My stopping at The Donner Memorial stemmed from my obsession with the Oregon Trail (that developed during my primary school days).

Handstands Across the World Donner Party Memorial Statue California US Canada Road Trip gymnastics travel photos
Donner Party Memorial Statue California


This photo taken at White Sands is also the May 2016 Handstand of the Month! Look at that article to see how you can get featured on this blog. If you ever go to White Sands, bring your sled!

Handstand of the Month May 2016 gymnastics travel photos

Some of these gymnastics travel photos are goofy, some of them serious, others the beauty of the surroundings makes the picture, but I’m curious…which one do you like the most? 

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  1. I did the splits once, when I slipped on some water and my legs splayed out either way. I was a child at the time. I don’t think my body is capable of even doing cartwheels now, so needless to say I am very impressed by your photos!

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