Liebster Award

liebster award

Yay! I was nominated for the Liebster Award by Becca from Trails of Becca. You should also check out Trail of Becca’s Instagram and Twitter. She has been to some awesome places! I must say to Becca, THANK YOU so much for this nomination – It really means so much to me!

The Liebster Award is an award for relatively new travel bloggers. Basically, you nominate a few travel blogs who you feel should get more recognition and audience. This is a pretty neat award and I cannot wait to see what my nominees write about!

liebster award

How the Liebster Award Works:

– You should answer the 11 questions you have been given in your nomination.

– Nominate  and write about another 5 to 11 blogs you like.

– Pick 11 new questions for your nominees.

Becca’s Questions:

  1. Why did you start a travel blog? Because I LOVE traveling and I want to share my adventures with everyone else. If someone can’t travel, I want them to be able to “experience” travel through my blog.
  2. Where was your first destination? I cannot even remember my first trips as I was traveling from a very early age. My “big trips” started happening as I became more heavily involved in gymnastics as a middle schooler/high schooler. 
  3. What is the longest time you spent traveling? I have spent 33 days traveling on a road trip (US – Canada Road Trip) once and loved every minute of it! 
  4. What is your favorite mean of transport? I love road trips so cars, but I also love flying, so planes. I don’t like using buses or trains as much, but I’m OK with those, too.
  5. What is your dream destination? Too…many…to…choose…. 🙂 I have a bucket list a mile long (and growing), but if I HAD to choose one place – I would have to choose a road trip through Europe (I know that’s not one exact destination).
  6. Would you rather travel alone or with someone? I like traveling with others. I enjoy experiencing things and see people happy to see beautiful things.
  7. What is your favorite memory or experience you lived while traveling? I loved seeing the Oregon Trail and standing on a path that hundreds of thousands had toiled on before. It was a great eye-opening, long term dream that I truly will never forget. It sounds silly after all I’ve seen, that a “dirt road” would be my favorite thing, but there is a sentimental, self-realizing moment attached to. See what I mean here.
  8. What are your essentials when it comes to packing? The basics and my hair straightener and curling wand. I don’t travel anywhere without them.
  9. What is your favorite type of accommodation? Hotels. I like hotels.
  10. Is there any place you would want to visit again? Yes! I loved Guatemala and Ukraine. I would love to go back.
  11. Where will you be heading to next? Montana 🙂

Blogs I am Nominating

Runaway Teacher Travels –

Kathryn was a teacher in the states until she decided to move overseas to teach. She recently was teaching and China, but now has returned to the US. Her stories are awesome as she describes not only traveling but actually living in China, and experiencing life as a teacher there.

Twitter: @nolessonplans

Instagram: runawayteachertravels


Our Border Crossings –

Carolina and Kieran are a brave couple who left their full time jobs and started exploring the world. Right now they are traveling all over South America and having a blast. They even went sand boarding in Peru! I know their blog rocks, but I really enjoyed cruising through their beautiful Instagram account.

Twitter: @ourborderx

Instagram: ourbordercrossings

Expedition Education –

Another teacher who travels! I think that Kati is awesome and not just because we share the same uncommon name. Although, that’s pretty cool. She’s a teacher who still works in public education, just like I do, but spends a lot of her time out on the road, traveling and exploring the world.

Twitter: @ExpeditionEdu

Instagram: kt4ta

Cascadian Nomads

This blog rocks and is so unique! Jason and Bethany post about traveling with their pets. They have three dogs, one cat, and a bird. Jason and Bethany travel all over and explain what traveling with pets is like. They have a lot of great advice and some cute dog stories. While I travel with my pets and have pointers, these guys KNOW what they are doing, so seek their blog if you have questions.

Twitter: @CascadianNomads


Michwanderlust –

Michelle grew up in Singapore and wanders out of its borders to pursue her passions (traveling, horseback riding, etc). She has gone to a ton of places in Europe and Asia. I love her awesome food shots on Instagram and those shots make me want to travel to try those foods.

Twitter: @michwanderlust

Instagram: michhwanderlust



Llamateurs is by far the funniest blog I’ve ever read. The way that Emilka and Pawel write keeps me reading and laughing! You should see their About Us section and the post where they try to make llama faces – It is ridiculously hilarious :). These comedians are also travelers who travel with their dogs. They have a cute middle aged dog and a an adorable whippet puppy. Guys, those dogs have traveled more than some people have! Lucky dogs! 🙂

Twitter: @_Llamatuers_

Instagram: llamateurs


Millie Goes –

Millie is a very well-traveled young woman! She’s been to 5 of the 7 continents and is still trekking. I love her story and her view that it is less important to have on heels and enjoy high caliber places and more important to do what you feel makes you happy – in her case that is travel. She’s got great stories on her blog, and I aspire to have trekked to as many places as she has!

Twitter: @MillieGoes

Instagram: milliegoes


MapTrotting –

Charlie and Kristina are a married couple who travel together. They quit their work life, left London and have been living a life of slowly traveling from place to place. The pictures on their site are beautiful. One of them (or maybe both of them) are very talented with a camera. At this moment they’re in Cambodia. They’ve got this whole traveling abroad life figured out!

Twitter: @MapTrotting

Instagram: MapTrotting


Illumelation –

Mel of Illumelation is a down to earth young woman who left Europe and is living in Southeast Asia. She travels often and does some really cool things. She’s a surfer, traveler, book reader, and enjoyer of life. She also has a really interesting perspective on her last year of life, since she’s moved from home, and I love her honesty about it.

Twitter: @illumelation

Instagram: Illumelation


Kansas Girl Travels World –

Kansas Girl is about to take the leap and in October will leave her 9-5 job and head overseas. She’s much braver than I am. I am not ready (nor have I any plans) to give up everything and travel full time. Her blog currently discusses her current travels and her preparations for her big trip.

Twitter: @KSgrltravelwrld

Instagram: kansasgirltravelsworld


Now, guys! Here are my 11 questions for you:

  1. Would you rather sail or fly around the world and why?
  2. What location have you been to that actually disappointed you?
  3. What location has surprised you the most?
  4. What country that you’ve visited is your absolute favorite?
  5. Why do you love to travel?
  6. What are you giving up to travel?
  7. What is your favorite travel tip?
  8. If you could take one famous person on your travels with you, who would you choose?
  9.  Do you prefer to travel alone, in a group, or in pairs?
  10. What is the #1 biggest lesson you have learned while traveling abroad?

I can’t wait to see what you’ve written on your Liebster Award post and I’m excited to see your future travels! Happy travels!


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  1. Congratulations on your Liebster award and for nominating my blog! I love learning more about bloggers I enjoy and discovering new blogs through awards like this. The Oregon Trail is among the reasons I have been an avid traveler my entire life- my family followed most of it when we moved West. I was four years old and instantly in love with such adventure, past and present! Two lesser visited gems that I love in Montana: Pompey’s Pillar National Monument and Makoshika State Park. Oh, and both are pet friendly, of course!

  2. Congrats once again on the Liebster award! I really enjoy your blog. Thanks for thinking of me too, it’s extremely humbling. I wanted so badly to visit Montana the last time I was in the US, but time simply didn’t allow as I had to be in New York for a couple of days. I’ve promised myself that I will make it there someday. Till then, I look forward to reading your posts on Montana!

    I’d not heard of the Oregon Trail before but it sounds like such an adventure 🙂

    1. Michelle, you will love MT when you get to go! And hopefully, you get to go soon. I think NY is great as well and you probably had a total blast! The Oregon Trail is amazing and if you journey back to the US, start in the east coast and drive to the west coast – make sure you get to Montana and some Oregon Trail sites along the way. The stunning history and stories will take your breath away!
      Kati – “Ms B” recently posted…Teachers Travel for Free (or cheap)My Profile

        1. Hey! I hope this reply doesn’t make you feel put on the spot! I’m seriously just curious and us Americans love to talk politics…plus things are making a lot of us Southerners very nervous and upset and I’m curious if the things we are worried about are the same that you are. Feel free to message me instead 🙂 … Hope that makes sense 🙂

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