What I’m Not Willing to Give Up to Travel Full Time

Not Willing to Give Up to Travel Full Time

A lot of people wonder why I don’t make travel my main source of living or why I don’t travel full time. There are a lot of reasons why but really it all boils down to what I’m not willing to give up to travel full time.  A lot of people are willing to give up things they’re comfortable with and that’s awesome. I just don’t crave that lifestyle nor am I willing to sell everything and make it happen. So here is a list of what I’m not willing to give up to travel full time and if there’s anything on here you’re not willing to give up, then traveling full time and leaving everything behind is probably not for you.

What I’m Not Willing to Give Up to Travel Full Time:

My Job: I love teaching a lot and I love belonging to ONE school…and going to the football games…and having my own classroom…and having a history at that school…and the list could go on. I could teach abroad but that’s not what I want right now. I want to teach US History and World History to a bunch of 10th and 11th graders in the town that I live in.

 Not Willing to Give Up to Travel Full Time

 Not Willing to Give Up to Travel Full Time

Teaching gives me a ton of time to travel. If you’re a teacher or the spouse of a teacher and want to know how you can travel for free or cheap, check this out!

My Home: I love the fact that I own my own home and have decorated it exactly the way that I want it. If that didn’t matter to me (as well as the other things on this list) then I might could sell it and live a nomadic lifestyle, but I LOVE the fact that I have my OWN place to come home to after I have spent weeks traveling.

My Pets: I love my dogs and cats and I mean LOVE them. It’d be extremely difficult to live overseas or as a full time traveler and take them with me. I could never give them up for that. I just couldn’t.  *Cats not pictured


My Sport: Of everything on the list, this is what I’d be least likely to give up. You can’t travel full time and be an Equestrian. It just really isn’t possible.

 Not Willing to Give Up to Travel Full Time


My Family: I just don’t want to miss my cousin’s 7th birthday or my family get-togethers. There is little on this earth that we cannot make up for, but time lost from one another is not one of those things.

My Lifestyle: I love traveling A LOT, but if I gave my “normal” life up and traveled full time, I’d have to cut way back on the type of lifestyle I live. I am blessed, not rich, but blessed. I get to go out to eat. I have money in my savings account. I have a car and a house and all these things that I like having. If I wanted to travel full time, even if I decided to focus my traveling in the least expensive places in the world, I’d be giving up the lifestyle I have now. I’d be limited with my new income and in some areas of the world, there just are not luxuries that I enjoy having here in the US.

My Friendships:  I have the coolest friends and I hang out with tons of awesome people. If I moved to China for a year or traveled full time across Europe, well, I’d be giving time with those friends up. It is easy to say that one can come home to visit, but that’s not the same and that could get very expensive!

*By the way – My best friend, Katie, has a blog called Disciplining Girls and you should check it out.

My Food: Traveling is a ton of fun and trying new food sure is amazing, but when I get home, I’m more than excited to go to my favorite small town restaurants or local eateries. You can eat the coolest food abroad, but nothing really gets better than coming home and eating your favorite “usuals” (for me that’s good Southern food!).

Sweet Tea and Apple Fritters…It really doesn’t get much better than that!!!!

My Wardrobe: Did you realize that when you travel full time, you can’t take much with you? So all those clothes can’t go. I LOVE CLOTHES. I enjoy all types of styles and have so many outfits and pieces I enjoy wearing. It might be kind of like an addiction really – getting new clothes and working through different styles. When I travel, I bring mostly athleisure, which I also love, but I find joy in dressing up really nicely to go to work.  I wouldn’t need all my dress pants, heels, dresses, and blazers if I traveled full time ;).  Now, how much clothes shopping fun would I be missing out of? 😉



I absolutely love traveling, but its a joy, a hobby. I do it well and I do it often, but I’m always glad to come home to what I’ve built for myself. I have no desire to be living in and out of hotels or homestays or anything like that for years on end. I love traveling part time, and coming home, then planning a whole new awesome trip and heading back out again. I would not love it like I do now if I did it full time.

Some people can just give up everything, sell everything, and then go. I can’t and I just don’t want to. It’s awesome when people are willing to do so, though! So if you read this and you’re like me – not willing to give up more than you’re willing to give up, then guess what: You’re probably not cut out for full time travel either 🙂 … Join the club, friend!


So what about you? I told you what I’m not willing to give up to travel full time, but what about you? Did you give up things to travel full time or did you decide, like I’ve done, that full time travel was not for you because of a reason listed (or not listed) above.

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  1. For me, it’s the benefits that come with my job, like a pension and extended health and dental plans. Nothing like having to pay for foreign health care to make me miss home.

  2. Just back from a trip as I’m reading this. As much as I love traveling, I’d never want to do it full-time either. It’s just so good to be back home!
    We used to travel extensively for 4 years before we had kids and at a certain moment we realised we weren’t enjoying it as much. We took a break and when we went on another trip months later we loved it so much more! Like with many things in life, less is often more.
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