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Glacier National Park (Montana)

Hi! My name is Kati. My students call me Ms B.  I am glad you have stopped by for a visit!

This blog is all about the trips I have taken, the things I’ve learned, the experiences I’ll never forget, and the unique places I have discovered. As I explore the world even further, I’ll add on my new adventures. I am really mostly a traveler of beautiful places and historical locations. Being a retired gymnast, I have a slight obsession with doing handstands at every place I go. It has created a rather neat album.

Traveling is my favorite thing to do and I have traveled all over the US and the world. Whenever I’m not in the classroom, I am either traveling somewhere far or exploring the endearing attributes of small town living. Since I live in “The South”, exploring small towns happens at just about every turn.

I am a high school social studies teacher and when I teach about places and events in history, especially when it comes to US History, I can almost always tell my students, “I’ve been there.” It adds a whole new dimension to the classroom. My students have claimed, “Ms B travels everywhere!” Hopefully, I can live up to their claim!

Discovering new places and traveling is a lot of fun. So if you cannot travel,  maybe this blog can be a little oasis for you and through my pictures and experiences, you can “go there”. If you’re looking for places to travel, and want to know about locations from someone who has had a first-hand experience, you have come to the right spot.

If you run across an entry that you want more details about it or have some questions, please feel free to e-mail me (below). Don’t forget to follow my journeys on Instagram (msbtravels), Pinterest (msbtravels), Facebook (msbtravels), and Twitter (MsB_Travels)! Feel free to subscribe to my blog and get automatic updates when I post new content.

Check out my bucket list (The Travel Bucket List). If you’re interested, check out my planned travels (Where am I going next?), where I’ve done handstands (Handstands Across the World)–and of course, you need to stop in and read my blog posts (Blog Posts).

I hope you enjoy your visit!
~ Kati “Ms B”


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