4 Southeastern Small Town Restaurants You Shouldn’t Miss

I love southern cooking and a good meal. If you’re reading this post then you are probably someone who feels the same way. During my travels, I’ve eaten at thousands of restaurants and been to many different destinations. Here are my four favorite Southeastern small town restaurants and trust me – If you’re in the area, you shouldn’t miss them!

Grits and Groceries:

Southeastern small town restaurants

Grits and Groceries is my favorite lunch destination out of these Southeastern small town restaurants. When they’re open, they are PACKED! If you didn’t know where it was, hadn’t been told by someone who knew, or found them online, you wouldn’t stumble upon this place. It’s in the middle of nowhere in South Carolina. Technically, it is in Belton, South Carolina, but it is way on a back road no where near the actual town.

The food is great! I love their Apple Fritters, cheeseburgers and french fries. They have a lot more awesome food, but I love that so much that each time I go I just about get the same thing. The atmosphere is awesome and there is much to do if you are waiting for a table (corn hole, listening to live music, etc). If you want great food by chefs who are pretty well known, published, and have an impressive resume, this is the place to go. Also, I’ve never heard a person say a bad thing about this place – and that is rare!

The restaurant is in an historical building, old store, which is pretty neat!

Official Site = Grits and Groceries *Check here for an address

Martin’s General Merchandise / Beehive Cafe:

Martin's General Merchandise Store South Carolina Southeastern small town restaurants
Exterior of Martin’s Store

I’ve already written about this place once in my blog and it is totally worthy enough to mention again (like 100 more times). This is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE of the four Southeastern small town restaurants I have listed. You can go and experience no better atmosphere. Plus the French Toast is to-die-for and the woman who owns it is incredibly sweet. Here’s my full explanation of why this place is awesome and why you should definitely visit!

This hidden gem is also in South Carolina and not far from Grits and Groceries. I love going here for breakfast on Saturdays. When I am in town and not traveling, I am a frequent visitor of this restaurant.

This restaurant is also an old historical building – check out my previous blog post below to see comments from a man who used to own it.

Official Site = Martin’s General Merchandise *Check here for an address.
Previous Blog Post = http://www.msbtravels.com/martinsgeneralmerchandisehiddengem/

The Old Country Store Restaurant

old country store sunken trace raod trip southeastern small town restaurants This is another restaurant that I have previously written about. This place has the best fried chicken I’ve ever tasted and their cornbread is awesome!  Of all the Southeastern small town restaurants I’ve discussed, this one has the best fried chicken.

This place is out in Lorman, Mississippi. Again, unless you knew about it, you’d never find it. It’s on a less traveled highway somewhat near to Natchez, Mississippi. Check out why I love this place via this previous blog post.

The guy that owns this place will make an appearance, come out and talk to you and then serenade you with some awesome singing. This place is also a historic store, just like the previous two were. If you can eat anything else after you’ve indulged in his buffet, you need to try their cobbler. I did not eat anything here that I did not like and I am a very picky eater.

Site = They don’t have one, but try their Facebook Page to get their address.
Previous Blog Post = http://www.msbtravels.com/the-old-country-store-restaurant-lorman-mississippi/

Michie Tavern

Southeastern small town restaurants This place was an awesome find when I was out vising Monticello in Virginia. I accidentally found it on my way there and after visiting, had to stop in. Its a historical site and has a lot of history. This is a buffet style meal and it is expensive (almost $20 a person) BUT I promise you it’s worth it. Fried chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans, sweet tea, and all you can eat…My mouth is watering just thinking about it!

This place looks neat on the inside and outside, but one of the cooler aspects of this place is that the servers are downright awesome. I never had any issues with my glass not being full or running out of food.

Oh, if you go here, you better try their biscuits. I’ve never had biscuits as soft and fluffy as them. They don’t even need butter because butter is already mixed all throughout it and with each bite, you get a taste of what I would call “the perfect biscuit.”

Official Site = Michie Tavern *Check here for an address.

Can you think of any other Southeastern small town restaurants that should have made this list? I know there are tons, but these are my MOST favorite! Share your most favorites in the comments below :).

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  1. Kati, I absolutely love Small Town, America. And I love the mom and pop diners in those towns even more! I liked each of the choices you listed but my first choice would be The Old Country Restaurant in Lorman. I have ALWAYS wanted to try true southern fried chicken right at it’s source. I’m enjoying your summer journey both on Twitter and Instagram. Continue to have fun and stay safe please! 🙂

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